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We have a number of items available for your use in maintaining the integrity of your collection. Click on any thumbnail photo below to see an enlarged view.

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We have polybags, backer boards (acid free), comic boxes for holding 50 or 100 comics with covers, boxes for cards, plastic sheaths (initial protection for cards), extra thick plastic holder displays (for sliding a sheathed card in), plastic binder sheets for holding 6-9 cards, binders, a plastic boxes that hold about 100 cards.

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Frames (from highland mint that house collectable photo's, pieces of bats or jerseys, and coins), display cases for baseballs, coin holders, and plastic card cases for mounting your cards.



We have display cases for housing statues, busts, action figures, bags for beanie babies, and a variety of other devices that we either have on hand or can order for you.


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