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If you live in the area you can either pick up our newest issues on every Wednesday afternoon, (or Thursdays if there are a delays in shipments due to holidays), or you can pre-order through our subscription service, (which is nothing more than a security payment all customers deposit - you get it back if you decide to cancel out).

Many New Comics are available through our subscription service. All we require is a security deposit, which is refundable, and a list of comics you would like to put on order. That includes magazine size trade paperbacks, hardcover reprints or original story lines, collector's guides, and many others.

Whether you in the market for MARVEL, DC, ARCHIE, CHAOS, IMAGE, VERTIGO, or any of the other independent comic book titles, we can provide them for you on a monthly basis through prescriptions.

Key Benefits:    

  • You will never miss and issue

  • You won't have gaps in your collection

  • And, you will have peace of mind, because we are taking care of you.


10% comes off your entire order in our prescription service.

We have approximately 200,000 comics stowed away in our warehouse with many back issues from current and former comic book companies. If there is something you are looking for in particular we may have it on hand, or we can hopefully locate it for you.

Key Benefits:    

  • Fill in missing issues for you

  • Help you start new collections

  • Help you catch up on old storylines


Based on guide prices, condition of each book, and the volume of comics you would like to purchase.


I stock a number of large magazine size comic books, treasury sized editions, trade paperbacks, hardcover books, and any number of different Collector's magazines that display upcoming comics, cards, toys, action figures and even give you the value on some items. See a sample in our gallery.


I can sell you cards as single items, by the packs, or even by the box. I have cards from Marvel, DC and many other companies that produce cards like TOPPS, FLEER and others. Some of the samples you will see in our gallery.


Many items cannot be priced unless we know what you need and can give you a condition rating on said items. Item prices change constantly; sometimes they go up and sometimes down, but we will be competitive in our pricing. Use the order form below to send us your wish list and we will get back to you as quickly as we can to give you our best price.


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