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We have been running our subscription service for as long as the store has been in business and we offer a 10% discount for those who join. (LOOK ON THE FAQ's PAGE).

What is required:

1. You need to submit a $10.00 security deposit (which will be refunded if you decide to end your subscription and you've emptied our your folder).

2. You can subscribe for any number of books there is no minimum or maximum, you can order 1 or 100.

3. All you are required to do after you subscribe is to clean our your folder:

a.        once a month as a MINIMUM, and

b.        once a week at the MAXIMUM.


1. We can provide you with a number of grading services for:

    a.    COMICS,

    b.    CARDS, OR

    c.    COINS, and

2. Through our associations with the HIGHLAND MINT, we can special order you Photos, Coins and Framed items of Sports/Patriotic Memorabilia.

Just click on our grading/highland mint page above to get more information on these services.


If you have a particular item of interest we can order it for you from our distributor. We can usually find any of the latest items available, otherwise, if your item is not in circulation any more we can see if the distributor still has any in stock, or we can check with one of the local stores, or keep an EYE out for any of the items as they pop-up through the course of time.


If you would like to join our subscription service and don't live in the area we can ship the books to you. We can also ship any items you may request from online or put on order. Special arrangements for shipping can also be accommodated for any items you would like to have graded. Just let us know, we are flexible enough to adapt to your needs.

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